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5 Fun Ways to Enjoy St. Pete Beach


Days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and residents and visitors to St. Pete Beach, Florida, are itching to sink their toes in the sand–especially after weeks at home. Yet you're likely not the only one looking forward to riding the waves. So how do you get back to the beach safely? Think beyond sand castles and swimming. 

St. Pete Beach's long expanse of white sand is the perfect playground for more activities than you might expect. Stretch your legs, soak up some sun, and think outside the box with these fun activities that'll get people of all ages back on the beach. 

Running shoes

Run or Walk the Coast

Go for a leisurely stroll, a brisk walk, or a jog along St. Pete Beach's four miles of pristine coast line. Exercising along the shore will not only get your endorphins flowing, but the sounds and smells of nature can also clear your mind. Just remember that running on the sand can be intense, thanks to the increased resistance and lack of shade. Bring water and be sure to apply sunscreen before heading out for a run.

Bring a Fitness Class to the Beach

At the beach, there’s no shortage of ways to break a sweat—and no, we're not talking about sunbathing. The sand creates resistance that will kick your workout up a notch. Use your own body weight to complete basic exercises with the extra challenge of the beach. Try two sets of ten repetitions of either squats, push-ups, planks, or lunges, in whatever order your please. Increase your reps as you feel more comfortable pushing yourself.

Yoga is another great way to get fit on the beach. Stretch, strengthen, or relax with no equipment necessary. Need inspiration? Check out these great beach yoga videos

Arms in yoga position
Woman on beach with large hat

Pitch a Tent, Have a Picnic

Pitching a canopy and settling in for the picnic is one of the best ways to stake your claim on a prime beach location. Arrive early and set up for the day. Enjoy some local takeout or splurge on fancy snack foods at the grocery store. Our picks? Fancy cheeses, fresh bread, local fruit, and wine—so long as you're following local liquor laws, of course. If you're picnicing with more than a few people, make it a potluck! The best picnics have a wide variety of eats. 

Take to the Waves on a Kayak or Paddleboard

Get out on the water and away from the crowds by renting a sea kayak or paddleboard for an afternoon. Kayaks and paddleboards are easy to launch from nearly any beach, making them great ways to experience the sea with friends and family. Check out these local St. Pete Beach shops that will rent you a paddleboard or kayak for the day, each just minutes from Bellwether Beach Resort. 

Person on paddleboard in the ocean
Sunglasses sitting on top of book

Relax and Read a Book

When it comes to the beach, relaxing is a given. Though you might start your day with a workout or cool off in the waves in the afternoon, lounging on the sand is an important part of any beach vacation. Whether you're reading the latest magazine or a riveting novel, the beach is the perfect place to get lost in the story. It's also a good time to chill and listen to some music or podcasts if you want to close your eyes, too. 

Just make sure you're lathered up with sunscreen if you're going to be sitting out. Bring along sunglasses to block out any glare on the pages or screen as you read. And if you're opting for a podcast, don't forget your headphones.